The range includes both indirect and direct models of unvented hot water cylinder in capacities from 120 to 300 litres. Indirect cylinders heat the water using a coil with the heat supplied from a conventional gas or oil boiler. They also feature a 3kW immersion heater as a back-up. Direct cylinders use a 3kW immersion heater to heat the water with a second 3kW immersion heater as back-up.

Everflo Rapide+
  • 1

    Integral thermal expansion

    New Integral Thermal Expansion eliminates the need for an external expansion vessel providing important savings.

  • Save time

    Around 20 minutes on a retro fit installation

  • Save materials

    Typically 2m of 22mm copper tube on top of several fixings and plumbing fittings

  • Save space

    Takes up less room in the airing cupboard

  • 2

    Side hot water outlet

    Reduced heat loss from top of cylinder

    Leading competitor

    Everflo Rapide+

  • 3

    Long life 3kw immersion with built in dual thermostat

    Faster response times for more efficient operation

  • 4

    Coil-in-coil heat exchanger

    Large surface area provides fast heating of hot water

Plus even more features!

  • Swivel connection T&P valve
  • Duplex stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance
  • 50mm high quality insulation
  • High flow-rate controls ideal for multiple bathrooms
  • Cold feed with diffuser
  • Fast reheat and high insulation values resulting in high efficiency

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