Everflo Pre-plumbed System Fit cylinders are designed specifically to reduce installation time by up to 70% and increase the quality and integrity of the installation - with no electrician needed on site. Everflo System Fit units are factory assembled and both pre-plumbed and pre-wired with 230V central heating controls, 2 x two port valves, an automatic bypass and a balancing valve. Designed to heat up quickly and to retain their heat for long periods, you can be assured of the most economical system choice for your home.

Save time!

All the parts you need, already fitted and tested!

Everflo System-Fit
  • 1

    Cold water combination valve

  • 2

    Temperature & pressure relief

  • 3


  • 4

    Filler loop

  • 5

    Air vent

  • 6

    Honeywell 2 ports

  • 7

    28mm manifold

  • 8

    Automatic bypass

  • 9

    Dual stat

  • 10

    Wiring centre

  • 11

    3kw immersion

  • 12

    Drain off cocks

More features!

  • Fast and simple installation – on-site time reduced by up to 70%
  • Plug-in electrical connection for all controls
  • Specification label

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